About Us

Welcome to Five Year You. We are a dynamic personal development company with a singular focus: help one million people become their best selves in five years.

Founded by the dynamic duo of Andrew Dewar and Catherine Collins, Five Year You was born from a dream of helping others realize their untapped potential. Our story is one of passion, experience, grit, trials, and phenomenal comebacks.

We have a deep passion and an unshakeable commitment for helping others unlock their full potential.

Meet Andrew Dewar


Andrew Dewar, co-founder of Five Year You, is a serial entrepreneur and certified public accountant (CPA). His dedication to financial freedom led to national recognition when he achieved the remarkable feat of paying off his mortgage in just six years. 


Andrew offers more than his financial acumen, however. He’s a personal development enthusiast and a resilient soul who has triumphed over numerous obstacles. This has led him to be a passionate advocate for the power of self-improvement. 


Andrew’s journey has seen him engage in profound inner work to conquer personal traumas, explore various therapeutic approaches, and amass a treasure trove of insights that he now shares with unwavering kindness and vulnerability.


Andrew’s story is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery, growth, and what it truly means to choose happiness. 


His experiences have not only equipped him with the knowledge and strength to guide others but also instilled in him a deep sense of empathy for all human beings on their unique paths of self-improvement.


Meet Catherine Collins


Catherine Collins, co-founder of Five Year You, is an accomplished author and financial writer whose contributions have graced some of the world’s most prominent financial media platforms. Her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals on their financial journeys is encapsulated in her book, Mom’s Got Money, published by Wiley Press.


Catherine’s influence transcends the written word, extending into the national spotlight through appearances on prestigious platforms such as Good Morning America, Huffington Post Live, and Cheddar TV. Yet, what truly distinguishes Catherine is her innate sensitivity and boundless compassion. 


She has openly shared her struggles with post-partum depression, anxiety, and other mental health hurdles, bravely recounting her own journey towards developing coping skills. 


Catherine’s mission is to serve as a beacon of hope for others who, like her, are also a work-in-progress. Her story illustrates that you can thrive and become your best self, even if you experience setbacks, traumas, and unexpected challenges.


Catherine’s authenticity and resilience are a testament to the transformative power of personal growth and the strength that resides within each of us.


Our Journey Together


After meeting at a conference, Andrew and Catherine realized they shared a passion for entrepreneurship and personal growth. They decided to combine their experience and talents to create a business together.


Despite the success of that business, Andrew and Catherine wanted to make a larger impact. After numerous discussions to discover what type of work would feed their souls, they realized what would make them happiest is sharing their love of personal development with the world and helping as many people as possible.


That’s how Five Year You was born.


Our Promise to You


At Five Year You, we believe in the power of transformation and growth. We understand that personal development is a unique journey for each individual, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. 


Whether you’re striving for financial independence, personal growth, better health, more spirituality, or a holistic transformation, we offer a range of resources, programs, and guidance tailored to your specific needs.


Our commitment is to help you become the best version of yourself in five years. Through expert guidance, proven strategies, and a supportive community, we aim to empower you to reach your full potential and lead a joy-filled life.


Thank you for choosing Five Year You as your partner on this journey. We’re honored you are here.